Icon Design is fun and challenging at 64 px square. Icons are are small graphical representations of things or concepts. They are used in a variety of ways. Operating systems use them to label link buttons and they are used for graphical user interface (GUI) to help navigate around a website or application. You might find them sprinkled around magazine articles to help guide the eye to the next important message or in games design to identify components of the game.
There are several different styles of icons too. 

Icon Design by Type:

Outline Icon Style 

lined icon light bulb

This style is self explanatory. A simple contour drawing or outline drawing.



Glyph Icon Style

glyph icon

Often called monochromatic style, focuses on simple shapes and smooth curves for quick and easy object recognition. 


Colored Icon Style

snail mail icon
 Add a little color to your outline icon and you have a filled outline icon.

Two-Toned Icon Style

Thumbs up iconA variant of the colored icon using 2 shades of the same color.



Flat Icon Style


Flat icons are the colored counterpart of glyph icons and are known for their subtle use of highlight and shadow.



Badge Icon Style

Mid Century Modern House Icon
My personal favorite. This is the style where I get to play with color and textures. The badge icon typically has a solid round or hex shape in the background.


Photorealistic Icon Style

These take the longest to create because of their high fidelity. Now we are moving closer into the realm of illustration and out of icon design,

Of course there are other design styles for icons. Each designer has a style they love or specialize in. As illustrators we do them all and apply them depending on the client’s specifications and brand.


Stickers are all the craze these days and why not? They are fun to make and incorporate all the elements of icon design and illustration. Here are a few of my favorites.

Queens Chair
slipper chair
orange balloon chair
yoga pose 3
yoga pose
yoga pose
viking manage
modern house