We consolidate your entire print, web, and social media presence into a cohesive brand that communicates directly to your market by utilizing behavioral research to identify and guide your marketing strategy.

We compile data from your Google Analytics to target your audience. This information allows us to better understand your customer user habits and aides in crafting marketing assets designed to build know, like and trust.

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We Are a Full Service Creative Agency

Website Design Logos Branding at Joy Bezanis Design means that we take a holistic approach to organic growth by integrating  your brand, website, SEO (social media optimization), and social media content targeted to your market demographics. There are a million pieces to creating a great Internet presence. If you are a sole proprietor of a small to medium sized company that does not have time to do social media marketing? We can help. We analyze your entire Internet presence and optimize it so that you get found in an Internet Search. Marketing isn’t just one thing, it is the entire package. If you are tearing your hair out because there is so much to do, we can help.

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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

Social Media Consulting

We will review your entire online presence, listen to your needs and develop a plan to increase your organic reach through social media. We look at things like on page SEO, post SEO, Alt Tags, links, analytics, insights and so much more. But the real test is how many new followers are you attracting. $125/hr.

Social Media Management and Curated Content Creation

We meet with you on a monthly basis to brainstorm post for the upcoming month. We then go back to our computers and create text and supporting graphic images all branded to your business, so you never look like everyone else. With your companies branding, people will recognize your posts instantly. We have 3 plans:  1) Curated Content Creation posting 2x/wk., $350/mo., 2) Curated Content Creation 3x/wk., $500/mo., and . . .

3) This is where you provide the text and the images, and we create the graphics and post for you using your Social Medial Content Management System. See pricing below in the boxes.

Organic Follower Growth

We optimize your posts and images for SEO so the web algorithms can find your text and your images. We also research hashtags and apply them to each post to reach viewers beyond your current followers list.

Going Live

We make making videos fun!  We guide you through concept, pre-production, production to post production editing or any portion thereof. Social media platforms are all pushing video because it attracts people. And when you attract people you grow your business.

Video Production and Editing

Our Video Production and Editing services are all done in-house. We help you with concept through completion or any part thereof. People love videos and they help create a connection to your brand. Videos also improve your SEO.  Not using videos on your website might mean that you get left behind. Conquer video content to grow your businesses and increase organic reach.  Video content viewership is rising steadily and becoming a must have on your website and on your social media pages. Ask us about creating an Evergreen video for your website to help potential customers connect with your brand.

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